Repair VW Sharan

. Diesel engines: 1,9 l TDI.
+ 1. Introduction
+ 2. Engine VR6
+ 3. The two-litre engine (ADY)
+ 4. System of greasing of the engine
+ 5. Cooling system
- 6. System of injection of fuel of engine VR6
   6.1. Safety measures at work on repair of system of injection
   6.2. A principle of work ЭСУД under various conditions
   + 6.3. Injection system
   + 6.4. Malfunctions of system of injection
   + 6.5. Work on repair and service of system of injection
   6.6. A cable of a drive throttle заслонки
   + 6.7. The electric fuel pump
   6.8. The fuel filter
   6.9. The gauge of level of fuel in a tank
   6.10. The air filter
+ 7. System Simos of injection of fuel of the 2,0-litre engine
+ 8. Ignition system
+ 9. Coupling
+ 10. A mechanical 5-step transmission
+ 11. Shaft of a drive of wheels
+ 12. The steering hydraulic booster
+ 13. A forward suspension bracket
+ 14. A back suspension bracket
+ 15. Brake system
+ 16. An electric equipment
+ 17. The diesel engine
+ 18. System of greasing of the diesel engine
+ 19. System of cooling of the diesel engine
+ 20. The power supply system of the diesel engine and turbocharger
+ Maintenance service card
+ Specifications and characteristics
+ Electroschemes

Folksvagen Sharan/Sharan repair>> System of injection of fuel of engine VR6

Engine management VR6 is carried out by system of injection Motronic made by firm "Bosch" which already was established earlier on other models of cars of firms "Volkswagen" and «Audi». This system represents an electronic complex of management of work of the engine which, being based on the data arriving from various gauges, defines quantity of injected fuel and the moment of ignition depending on loading and engine working conditions. The quantity of fuel injected into cylinders and an exact advancing of ignition defines the electronic block of management (ЭБУ). Data from gauges in the form of electric signals about a thermal condition of the engine, frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft, quantity of air arriving in the engine, compression degree, coal of opening throttle заслонки, position шатунных necks of a cranked shaft and accordingly about position of pistons goes in ЭБУ which processes them and uses the information that allows to provide optimum structure of a gas mixture during each concrete moment of work of the engine.
ЭБУ engine VR6 the built in registrar of malfunctions who finds out infringements in work ЭБУ and elements of system Motronic has and enters them into memory ЭБУ. At malfunction of gauges of temperature of a cooling liquid, temperatures of soaked up air, a potentiometer of a measuring instrument of the expense of air ЭБУ starts to work according to the sizes accepted "by default". After returning ЭБУ to a normal mode use of the sizes accepted "by default", stops.
For simplification of search of malfunctions possibility of a request of current parametres by means of ЭБУ and actuating of this or that element of system is provided.
For search of the malfunctions entered into memory ЭБУ, use of diagnostic stands of the firm which have let out the car is necessary. After elimination of malfunctions on HUNDRED, they are erased from memory of the registrar of malfunctions that allows the registrar of malfunctions to write down new malfunctions at their detection, without confusing them to old malfunctions.
Turns of idling and share WITH are regulated in the electronic way and cannot be checked up and adjusted without use thus the registrar of malfunctions. Idling can be measured by means of tachometre specially intended for this engine and should make from 660 to 740 mines-1. If they do not correspond to norm it is necessary to address on HUNDRED.
For correct measurement of quantity of turns of idling execute following recommendations:
- Warm up the engine to working temperature. It should be a minimum 80 ° C;
- Switch off all consumers of an electric current;
- Switch off the conditioner if it is;
- The system of release ОГ should be in good repair;
- Measure a share WITH by means of the special device. The place of connection of the device for measurement WITH settles down near to the case throttle заслонки and is built in a reception pipe. The admissible share WITH makes from 0,3 to 1,2 %.

Fig. 198. An arrangement of elements system of injection Motronic in a motor compartment of engine VR6: 1 — a vessel with the activated coal; 2 — the electromagnetic valve (N80); 3 — the gauge of the mass expense of air (G70); 4 — an inlet hose; 5 — the case throttle заслонки; 6 — the gauge of a detonation №1 (G61); 7 — connection with "weight"; 8 — the electronic block of management (ЭБУ) injection and ignition system «Motronic»; 9 — the ignition coil (N152); 10 — the temperature switch; 11 — the temperature gauge (G62); 12 — the temperature switch; 13 — the temperature gauge (G72); 14 — a regulator of pressure of giving of fuel; 15 — the gauge of frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft of the engine (G28); 16 — the gauge of a detonation №2 (G66); 17 — atomizers (N30, N33, N83, N84); 18 — the air filter. (Designations in brackets correspond to designations on electric schemes)

The arrangement of elements of an electronic control system (ЭСУД) VR6 Motronic is shown by the engine on (fig. 198).
ЭСУД consists of following basic elements:
- The tank with the activated coal 1 (fig. 198 see) is placed in the right wheel arch;
- The electromagnetic valve 2 opens and closes connection between the tank with the activated coal and the engine;
- The gauge of the mass expense of air 3 is located in a stream of air soaked up through the air filter between the air filter of air and an inlet hose;
- The inlet hose 4 has connection for ventilation heating картера;
- Preliminary heating of an operating part throttle заслонки is carried out by means of a cooling liquid;
- Functions of gauges of a detonation 6 and 16 are described in section 8;
ЭБУ by the engine it is placed behind the panel of devices in car salon;
- Functions of the coil of ignition 9 are described in section 8);
- Temperature switches are closed or open depending on temperature of a cooling liquid. The temperature switch 10 serves for conditioner deenergizing, and also the third step of the fan of system of cooling. It has brown штекерную колодку and a four-contact socket. Is available only on cars with the established conditioner;
- The gauge of temperature 11 has dark blue штекерную колодку and a two-contact socket. It informs ЭБУ on temperature of a cooling liquid;
- The gauge of temperature 13 informs ЭБУ on air temperature in an inlet pipe;
- The gauge of frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft of the engine 15 gives information ЭБУ on current frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft of the engine.