Repair VW Sharan

. Diesel engines: 1,9 l TDI.
+ 1. Introduction
+ 2. Engine VR6
+ 3. The two-litre engine (ADY)
+ 4. System of greasing of the engine
+ 5. Cooling system
+ 6. System of injection of fuel of engine VR6
+ 7. System Simos of injection of fuel of the 2,0-litre engine
+ 8. Ignition system
+ 9. Coupling
+ 10. A mechanical 5-step transmission
+ 11. Shaft of a drive of wheels
+ 12. The steering hydraulic booster
+ 13. A forward suspension bracket
+ 14. A back suspension bracket
+ 15. Brake system
+ 16. An electric equipment
- 17. The diesel engine
   17.1. Removal and installation
   + 17.2. Dismantling and assemblage
   + 17.3. A head of the block of cylinders
   + 17.4. Privodnye belts — поликлиновой and gear
   + 17.5. Shatunno - piston group
   + 17.6. An intermediate shaft
   17.7. A flywheel
   + 17.8. A camshaft and a camshaft epiploon
   + 17.9. A cranked shaft and radical bearings
   + 17.10. The block of cylinders
   17.11. Compression check in engine cylinders
   17.12. System of release of the fulfilled gases
+ 18. System of greasing of the diesel engine
+ 19. System of cooling of the diesel engine
+ 20. The power supply system of the diesel engine and turbocharger
+ Maintenance service card
+ Specifications and characteristics
+ Electroschemes

Folksvagen Sharan/Sharan repair>> The diesel engine>> Flywheel

Fig. 383. A flywheel: 1 — a gear rim; 2 — bolts of fastening of a gear rim; 3 — the adjusting screw (should act on distance a)

The engine flywheel is equipped by a gear rim of the gauge of frequency of rotation of the engine. This gear rim is strengthened on an underside of a cranked shaft by means of three bolts tightened by the moment 10 Нм. The flywheel kind has already been shown on fig. 383. Pay attention that the inserted adjusting screw should act on 2,5—3,0 mm over a surface (measurement a). For untwisting of bolts of fastening of a flywheel fix its appropriate amount in a motionless condition (for example, having inserted a screw-driver into a gear wreath of a flywheel) and ослабьте flywheel bolts. Flywheel bolts cannot be used repeatedly.

The prevention
If the surface of a friction of a flywheel has scratches, such can be, for example at replacement of sliping coupling a flywheel replace.

It is impossible to replace a gear wreath of a flywheel separately from the flywheel. At damage of its teeth it is necessary to replace a flywheel in gathering with a gear wreath. Thus it is necessary to check up and a teeth of a gear wheel of a starter as they too can be worn out.
Bolts are tightened by the moment 60 Нм, and then turn them for 90 .